Journalism teacher gives steer on some useful journalism learning sites

NOTES FROM A TEACHER: There is a wealth of tools and sites out there for upgrading journalism skills and learning new ones, says Mark Hamilton, Canada.

“Some links to what I have recently come across,” writes Hamilton, a journalism teacher who blogs regularly:

• Both the Reuter’s Handbook of Journalism and the CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices handbook are available to all online.

YouTube Reporters’ Center has a number of short videos (from people such as Katie Couric and Scott Simon) dealing with different aspects of doing the journalism.

10 Inspirational New York Times multimedia and interactive features at 10,000 Words isn’t a how-to. Mark has smartly chosen 10 examples of how multimedia can be used to spread information.

100 best blogs for journalism students is at the cutely-named website Learn-gasm. It’s a solid list that students can mine to build their own collection of continuing must-reads. (Found via Multimedia Shooter, which should be on everyone’s list.)

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